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Hard Disk Data Eraser

Hard disk data eraser software enables you to easily and safely wipe
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23 February 2009

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Sluggish PC performances often result in wastage of your valuable time while performing any tasks on PCs. The situation often turns more agonizing when you are working on some crucial project that is approaching its deadline. In such case, if you want to avoid any further hassles or annoyance then try out your hands on the new Hard Disk Data Eraser It’s a data wiping utility, which is capable of erasing the documents and the unwanted files like internet temp file, logs, clipboard content, registry files, and other confidential records from your PC. This way, the utility helps in enhancing your PC’s performance and frees the space occupied by the unwanted files. The program is compatible to work with all Windows operating system from 98 till Vista.

The Hard Disk Data Eraser helps in improving your system’s performance by freeing the space in your hard disk. The application facilitates you to entirely delete all the online and offline activity records and erase the files or any other data, to prevent unauthorized access or usage. The program console consists of system drives, folders and applications listed at the left pane for the wiping process. Using the first ‘Unused Space’ option, you can configure settings and then wipe the unused space of C and E drives. Next, with the ‘Internet’ option, you can remove your internet activity traces by erasing the Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, and Typed URLs. Even after erasing the internet activity traces, unwanted files occupying hard disk memory. These files can get rid of by using ‘System’ menu, which lets you wipe the Administrator’s Temporary Files, Clipboard Content, Recent Documents, Recent Network Folder, Recycle Bin, System Registry Traces, and Windows Event Log. Finally, you come to the ‘Application’ feature, where you can wipe different MS PowerPoint, Access, Excel, Paint, Word, Windows Media Player, WordPad, and Management Console. Simply press ‘Wipe Now’, and the program actively performs the specified function.

Hard Disk Data Eraser functions promptly in erasing the selected useless data and files stored at your PC. For the tidy set of options, and credible functioning, which boosts up PC’s performance by erasing the unwanted files effortlessly, the software has been rated with 4 points on the scale of 5.

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Hard disk data wiping application is fully capable to completely erase all of documents and provides computer security by removing internet temporary files, log documents, auto fill, confidential records from hard disk drive. Hard disk data eraser utility properly works under all windows OS including windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP and Vista. Data removal software improves system performance by erasing deleted documents, clipboard contents and system registry files etc. File shredder tool is fully compatible with different data storage drive including memory card, USB drive, jump drive and compact flash drive etc. Hard disk data cleaner application wipes all system files including windows event log, administrative temporary files, recycle bin permanently. File shredder software perform quick and secure wiping of all erased documents from hard disk or removable storage media of any capacity. Hard disk data wiping application provides user friendly graphical user interface and removes important secret information of various application files like excel, access, word, power point. Features: * Data wiper software provides comprehensive solution to wipe all deleted files from removable storage media including pen drive, multimedia card and memory stick. * Hard disk data eraser tool easily and safely removes all internet activities such as websites URLs, chat conversation, browser surfing information and existing or non existing data from Desktop/Laptop. * File shredder application permanently removes files from hard disk and USB drives partitioned with FAT, FAT32 or NTFS file system. * Hard disk data wiping utility supports all major branded USB removable storage devices with higher storage capacity.
Hard Disk Data Eraser
Hard Disk Data Eraser
Version 3.0.1
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